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Monday, December 22, 2014
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G2 Kids Choir




G2 Kids Choirs


Glorifying God...in song and in life!


G2 Kids Choir is partnering together with Kid's Church this fall season, beginning Sunday, August 17, choir will be integrated with Kid's Church on Sunday mornings.


How will it work? Kid's Choir will be come a part of the Kid's Church experience. The same processes currently in place will continue on Sunday mornings. For instance, if your 1st - 4th grader attends a Family LIFE Group at the 9:15 hour, their teachers will bring them to Kid's Church at 10:30 just like they are currently doing. If your family comes for worship at the Sunday Cafe' at 10:45, you can still drop them off at Kid's Church and they will join up with the other 1st - 4th graders. The first 30-45 minutes of Kid's Church will be devoted to creatively teaching/discipling our children to develop a lifestyle of worship. Through various activities (e.g. music, drama, movement, games), the boys and girls will learn dynamic new songs of worship that will deepen their understanding and knowledge of God's love for them, while also giving voice to their own expressions of their love for God!


Then, on 1-2 Sundays during the fall, they will join in singing in regularly scheduled services (big church) where they can serve the Lord and lead us in a multigenerational worship experience. You will receive plenty of notice before they sing in worship so that you can be sure to attend. In addition, they will join in the incredible "Christmas with the Family of Friends" presentation this December!


Why are we doing this? We believe that every child will benefit from understanding why, how, and most importantly, WHO we were created to worship. They will come to understand "worship" as more than singing a song, but it's using every part of their lives to serve God and bring Him glory! Music is a powerful tool in this process and we seek to raise up a new generation of "spirit and truth" worshippers and future worship leaders!




Worship Staff

Jonathan Morrell, Associate Pastor of Worship
Gary Upchurch, Associate Pastor of Children

Diane Bennett, G2 Kids Choir Director

Hollyanne Lowe, Ministry Assistant