FBC Middleburg
Friday, December 19, 2014
a family of friends


We Have 4 Requirements for Membership...

  1.     A personal profession of Christ as Lord and Savior

  2.     Baptism by immersion as a public symbol of one's faith

  3.     Completion of the "Connect 101" membership class

  4.     A signed membership covenant

At FBCM, we only expect of our members what the Bible clearly expects of all believers.

For more information or to sign up for this class, please call (904) 282-5289.


  We Expect All Members to Connect in 3 Ways...

     1. C3 Logo    Connect to God

     2.     Connect to Other Christians

     3.     Connect to the Lost World


Membership Covenant

I will Connect to God by...

     Attending worship services faithfully

     Participating in personal prayer and Bible study

     Giving regularly to God through my tithes and offerings

I will Connect to Other Christians by...

     Seeking to be in a Family LIFE Group

     Sharing life experiences together

     Practicing the "one another's" of the Bible

I will Connect to the Lost World by...

     Discovering my gifts and passions

     Investing in the lives of others and inviting them to worship

      Serving in ministry and missions opportunities