FBC Middleburg
Sunday, December 21, 2014
a family of friends

What We Believe

We accept the Bible to be the very Word of God to man through men, and understand the importance of knowing and obeying its truths. Our church is committed to teaching the Scriptures so that we may know God and serve Him in worship and ministry.


Through the years, this church has developed deep convictions concerning the major theological truths of the Bible. Our Faith Statement presents an overview of those important doctrines. We believe these to be the primary doctrines of the Christian faith, and reflect the teaching of First Baptist.


First Baptist Church of Middleburg is a self-governing body just like other Baptist churches. We are part of the Black Creek Baptist Association, the Florida Baptist Convention, and the Southern Baptist Convention.  Southern Baptists are the largest protestant denomination in the U.S. and the largest Baptist group in the world. Our association and convention are essentially a large group of churches who pool their resources to fund  and support the ongoing work of the Gospel. First Baptist Middleburg is led by a senior pastor and staff with the help of dedicated volunteers.