FBC Middleburg
Sunday, December 21, 2014
a family of friends


Various Ministries

Here at FBCM we offer many different programs and ministries to help meet the needs of preschoolers, children, students and adults of all ages. We have a well educated and highly trained staff who strive to enlist, equip, and empower a large number of volunteers to help them provide such ministries.

While we my offer a number of ministries, there are basically two different types of ministry groups for people of all ages. 

Short Term Ministry Groups

We offer short-term ministry groups that facilitate practical Biblical instruction, interaction and discussion on various topics. e.g., Wednesday Evening LIFE Training Classes.

Ongoing Ministry Groups

We also offer ongoing ministry groups that meet on a regular and consistent basis. i.e. Sunday mornings and various weeknights we offer Family LIFE Groups where people can experience life changing Bible study, engage in a lifestyle of reaching and serving others for Jesus Christ, with a group of genuine friends. Some of these groups meet on campus while others meet in various locations around the community.

Additional short-term and ongoing ministry groups are offered by other specialty ministry groups, such as GriefShare, Celebrate Recovery, and Divorce Care.